Community Development

Community Development and Assistance Programs

IGO has a structured and targeted Community Development and Assistance Program (CDAP).

The CDAP provides targeted assistance to a range of community-based programs with an emphasis on education and capacity building for Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups across urban, regional and disadvantaged communities.

The program is provided for by means of:

  • direct agreements with land owners; or
  • IGO's Corporate Giving process.

Typically land use agreements are confidential to the parties. However, IGO reports on the activities arising from these agreements, if any, in its annual Sustainability Report.

IGO's Corporate Giving process is completed in accordance with the Corporate Giving Standard. This standard describes who is eligible to apply for IGO Corporate Giving, and the application and award processes. IGO reports on its Corporate Giving activities in its annual Sustainability Report.

A key focus of IGO's Community Development effort is the engagement of traditional land owners and Aboriginal peoples. IGO's commitment to this process is documented in the IGO Aboriginal Employment and Business Standard.

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