Our Benefits

Career Development

IGO recognises the value of developing our employees to achieve their potential.

We support and encourage our employees to pursue further study in their area of expertise and offer study assistance for approved courses.

We also seek to offer internal promotional opportunities to our employees within the Company. Retaining, developing and expanding the skills and experience of our existing employee group has been, and will continue to be, important to us and part of our commitment to our teams.

Our graduates and apprentices are supported with the experience and skills of their mentor and the teams within which they work. Our graduates have the additional assistance, at an organisational level, of our dedicated Graduate Co-ordinator. Through the Graduate and Apprentice programmes we seek opportunities to offer secondments and other learning opportunities to increase skill sharing and development and increase the depth and breadth of their experience.

Competitive Salaries

IGO seeks to remain competitive on salaries across the Company. To ensure that working for us is as rewarding financially as it is in terms of career development we benchmark salaries internally and externally, assess market conditions annually and are participants to a number of industry organisations and remuneration databases.

Access to Employee Discounts

IGO offers access to a number of employee discounts negotiated with providers of insurance and health care to assist our employees.

Option to make additional Super Contributions

Employees can make additional super annuation contributions through our payroll each month.

Employee Assistance Provider (EAP)

In 2013 IGO appointed BSS as our Employee Assistance Provider (EAP). Since then, BSS has provided the opportunity for employees to access professional and confidential counseling for a range of personal and work problems. The EAP is a free, confidential and voluntary service available to all employees, partners and their dependent children.

Salary Sacrifice Options

A number of salary sacrifice options are currently available to IGO employees and include;

  • Air Travel to Perth – for fly in/fly out employees;
  • Laptop/Portable Electronic Device purchase – for devices that are used primarily for work related purposes;
  • Novated leasing of vehicles; and
  • Superannuation.

Opportunities to offer employees additional salary sacrifice options are currently under review.