Sustainability Reporting and Policies

IGO is intent on building a diversified mining company that delivers superior returns for all of our stakeholders.

Our success is dependent on the support and contributions of our stakeholders, of which there are many. IGO stakeholders include our shareholders, staff and contractors, the government and our regulators, our host communities, our Traditional Owners and the public in general. One way or another, each affects our licence to operate in its broadest sense. Mindful of the importance of these relationships, and the matters of interest to our stakeholders, we have clearly articulated our Vision, Mission and Values to explain how we have conducted, and will continue to conduct, our business. Among our values, sustainability is our primary focus.

IGO completes an annual survey of our stakeholders. If you'd like to register your interest in participating, please contact IGO at
In growing our business we intend to create economic benefit, not just for our shareholders, but also for the broader community. Our vision is that our growth serves the communities in which we operate.

IGO’s activities are guided by policies developed by our Executive Team and endorsed by our Board. Refer to:

Invariably mining and exploration processes have environmental and social impacts. In the face of this reality, we at IGO are committed to understanding these impacts and to working with our stakeholders to find solutions and/or mitigating measures to enable us to respond in ways that meet our stakeholders expectations of our performance. To guide these activities, IGO has embraced the ICMM Sustainable Development Principles.

One of these principles speaks to the need for transparency.

In each annual report up to and including the 2014 Annual Report, IGO has included sustainability reporting information in summary form including:

  • Community Development and Assistance Programs;
  • Corporate Governance, including Diversity and Risk Management; and
  • Sustainability, including Environmental Management information

In 2015, IGO produced its first Sustainability Report.

Our Sustainability Report, presents our key activities and our material impacts, both positive and negative. We have sought to contextualise our activities with regard to the wider industry, the environmental settings in which we operate, and the communities of which we are a part. It is our intention to be transparent in both our objectives and the means by which they are delivered. These reports provide a complete overview of the significant non-financial aspects of our business to enable our stakeholders to more broadly assess IGO’s performance during each financial year and to provide a benchmark against which we can measure our continuous improvement.