OUTPUTS & OUTCOMES Creating Shared Value 1. EXPLORATION AND DISCOVERY IGO is passionate about discovering the mines of the future. We use innovative practices to explore our existing near-mine areas and regional belt-scale holdings in both greenfield and brownfield settings. 2.PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Project development involves the definition of economically mineable resources, either as the product of our exploration efforts or through the purchase of prospective ground. Our Proactively Green strategy drives mine planning and design, ensuring we construct the most effective, cost- efficient, low emission, sustainability driven and technologically advanced operations. 3.MINE AND PROCESS Our operations involve the extraction of ore from a mine and its beneficiation to produce saleable products, including concentrates that contain nickel, copper and cobalt, and gold doré bars. Operating reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably is core to our business approach. This operational phase includes processing optimisation, waste management and ongoing exploration. It brings direct and indirect benefits to our shareholders, people, governments, local communities and Traditional Owners. 4.MARKET AND DELIVERY We develop our resources and position our products in the market in ways that support IGO’s investment decision- making. Our strategy is based on supplying high-grade metals to meet the growing demand for energy storage and aligning resource management with market needs. We consider product stewardship responsibilities across our value chain. 5.ACTIVE CLOSURE Closure is the final phase in an asset’s life. In consultation with stakeholders we plan early for care and maintenance and closure to minimise financial, social and environmental impacts, liabilities and costs. Active closure includes progressive rehabilitation and completion of earthworks to reshape landforms created by mining activities — ensuring they are safe, stable, non-polluting, and suitable for post-closure land use. 6 3 1 5 2 4 VALUE CHAIN 6. PASSIVE CLOSURE Following completion of the closure earthworks, and any demolition and rehabilitation work, mine sites are subject to ongoing environmental monitoring to assess their progress against agreed closure criteria. INPUTS ORE RESERVES AND MINERAL RESOURCES We have high-quality mineral assets at our Nova and Tropicana operations, delivering long-term value to our stakeholders. We are continuing to pursue strategic step-change organic growth through our portfolio of belt-scale exploration projects, nationally and internationally, to unlock the mines and ore reserves of the future. NATURAL RESOURCES The stock of natural resources or environmental assets that we use, including water, atmosphere, land and materials. Mining and processing activities are major users of water and energy, and our exploration activities require land access and clearing. We work hard to understand and mitigate our impacts on the environment and these natural resources. PLANT AND EQUIPMENT Our procurement and contract teams establish relationships with suppliers and contractors to deliver plant, equipment and other solutions for efficient operational performance. Our management of goods and services contributes to the consistent and cost-effective delivery of our products. FINANCIAL CAPITAL Pool of necessary funds provided by banks, shareholders or generated through our operations. Our financial resources are allocated to where they will drive sustainable, positive cash flow and deliver optimal financial returns to our shareholders. HUMAN CAPITAL Our people are our key asset. The competencies, capabilities and experience of our people, employees and contractors alike ensure the success of our business and our capacity to create shared value. RELATIONSHIPS WITH STAKEHOLDERS Strong relationships and engagement with our stakeholders is critical in gaining and maintaining our social licence to operate. We continue to build relationships based on mutual respect, transparency and trust. 1,543,468 LABOUR (H) 1,546,308 ORE MINED (t) 86,468 ELECTRICITY (MWh) 9,067 SOLAR ENERGY (MWh) 23,272 DIESEL (kL) 1,047 EXPLOSIVES (t) 237 LUBRICANTS & OILS (kL) 9,201 REAGENTS (t) 1,332 WATER INPUTS (ML) 122 LAND DISTURBANCE (ha) 30,436 NICKEL IN CONCENTRATE (t) 1,142 COBALT IN CONCENTRATE (t) 892 TOTAL REVENUE & OTHER INCOME ($M) 1.29 TAILINGS (DRY Mt) 1,276 WATER OUTPUTS (ML) 13,772 COPPER IN CONCENTRATE (t) 138,935 GOLD PRODUCED (OZ) 1 82.71 DIVIDENDS PAID ($M) 63,352 SCOPE 1 & 2 EMISSIONS (t CO2-E) 577 LAND REHABILITATION (ha) OUTPUTS Our outputs include products that meet the global demand for growing renewable energy and clean energy storage markets. Our products delivered a record free cash flow and return to our shareholders in FY20, allowing us to continue to deliver on our purpose and strategy and create shared value. We are also aware of the unavoidable environmental outputs, including waste, emissions and water discharge, as a result of our direct operations and production. $36.35M TAX, STATE ROYALTIES & OTHER GOVERNMENT PAYMENTS $4.45M TOTAL PAYMENTS TO NGADJU PEOPLE 1 $55.64M SALARIES & WAGES PAID 1 $0.60M CORPORATE GIVING PAYMENTS 1 $262.90M PAYMENTS TO SUPPLIERS FOR GOODS & SERVICES 1 OUTCOMES As we strive to deliver returns to our shareholders, we also consider the value creation we can offer our diverse range of stakeholders. Through our business activities — employing people, paying taxes and royalties, procuring suppliers and engaging local businesses — we make a positive contribution to our host communities and the areas in which we operate. Beyond our direct mining activities, our commitment to Making a Difference is demonstrated through our Corporate Giving contributions, our commitment to environmental research projects, our Proactively Green initiatives, and our support and funding of industry technology development. 1. IGO’s 30% share 1. IGO managed operations only IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020— 15 14 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020 OVERVIEW