We seek to do business with others who are aligned with our values and act accordingly. To give effect to these expectations, we have established structures and processes with the intent of ensuring business integrity. The central elements are IGO’s Code of Conduct, our governance process, our risk management process, and our compliance and systems, which have been established to drive continual improvement. CODE OF CONDUCT IGO operates under a Code of Conduct which reflects our values and represents our commitment to uphold the highest ethical business practices. Our Code of Conduct provides guidance on how our values should be put into practice and guides the standard of behaviour expected from our people. The Code applies equally to our Board, our employees, our suppliers and our contractors. The document is regularly reviewed to ensure it clearly reflects our business and community expectations. It was last updated during the 2020 financial year. The key elements are: • We are committed to providing a safe, fair and dynamic work environment. • We are committed to providing a workplace free of harassment, hostility and offensive behaviour. • We strive for diversity and inclusion in the workplace in terms of gender, age, cultural and ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation and physical ability. • We work to provide our people with access to the information and knowledge they need to perform well. • We encourage open and honest expression and facilitate participation. • We are committed to providing learning and developmental opportunities consistent with the needs of the business and the individual. • We are committed to providing a work environment that protects whistleblowers who, in good faith, report unacceptable conduct. • We celebrate the successes of our business and our people. • We respect the law and act accordingly. • We are fair and honest in our dealings. • We use IGO’s property responsibly. Business Integrity At IGO, our clarity of purpose and strategy is underpinned by a commitment to conduct business in accordance with our values. These, in turn, form our judgements about both desirable and undesirable behaviour. Important among the desirable behaviour is the expectation that we act with honesty, transparency and accountability. Nova Operation village IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020— 33 32 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020