OUR PEOPLE At the heart of our sustainability strategy – and our business – are our people. The success of our business is a direct reflection of the level of engagement our people have with our purpose and values. Our organisational culture is unique, an important reason why our employees choose to work for us. Building the strength of our culture year on year is vital to our success. Our values set us apart from our industry peers, providing a positive difference shared by the people that work across our operations and projects. Together, we empower, support and respect each other. We own our business responsibilities; we embrace the opportunities to improve; and we take pride in outperforming on expectations. Engagement In FY20, we conducted our fourth company-wide annual employee engagement survey, with a response rate of 77% and a strong and stable overall engagement score of 69% (70% in FY19). This result, along with the specific feedback received from our people through a series of workshops conducted following the survey, tells us that: • Pride in IGO— 88% of our people are proud to work for IGO, a 2% improvement. • Motivation — 71% of our people are motivated to go the ‘extra mile’, being the same result as FY19. • Career intentions — 75% of our people plan to stay with IGO, a small decrease on FY19. These results are the outcomes of our ongoing programs to co-create our shared purpose and values and build IGO’s unique culture. We use these results to conduct deeper investigations into understanding specific feedback and then we incorporate this into our culturing plans for the next year. This year some strong themes emerged to focus our efforts and help us plan programs of work for the coming year. These included: • performance and relationship management; • leadership and career development; and • leadership capability. Enduringly, our people tell us that our culture is friendly, challenging, ambitious, supportive and busy, and this year, they have added happy and inclusive to that impressive list. Developing our people The array of career choices for people today are as broad and flexible as their expectation of work environments. We care about the growth of our people and believe that all employees should enjoy the benefits that an individual development plan can offer to their professional effectiveness. In this dynamic, we foster several programs to meet our workforce requirements, including pre-career and entry level pathway programs that encourage students to be aware of all opportunities within the global mining industry and to see IGO as a valuable addition to their career profile. The development of our people and the benefits that development can bring to both the business and the individual depends on a shared responsibility for lifelong learning. Our upgraded Learning Management System, which allows us to better plan and manage job-specific and career development training opportunities, technical skill development, and feedback and collaboration opportunities, will form the basis for our enhanced leadership development programs in FY21. At IGO, we have programs centred on deepening leadership expertise, empowerment, engagement and team performance. In FY20, we refreshed our learning and people development focus, with some of our key programs highlighted here. Mentoring our future leaders Following a successful launch in FY19, we continued our mentoring program and received a record number of applicants wishing to participate. Our program focuses on facilitating cross-functional learning in the organisation to: • develop and support employees through career guidance by sharing individual mentor/mentee experiences and promoting capability growth; • provide another opportunity to support mental health and wellbeing; and • build our culture by connecting and expanding internal networks with mentor/mentee relationships outside their disciplines. This is a structured program, delivered by the leaders of our business to attract, support and retain our talented people. Conducted in partnership with Metisphere and open to all employees, 24 pairs signed up in FY20, a 35 per cent increase on the 18 pairs who took part in the inaugural program in FY19. Graduate program Our 2020 Graduate Program grew to 24, including first-, second- and third-year graduates. This growth is a testament to the importance that we place on providing opportunities to develop future generations in our industry and organisation. Our Graduate Program offers university graduates a two-to three-year program commencing in January each year, which aims to support them in their transition from study to career. The next generation of IGO employees Throughout FY20, IGO has maintained an active involvement in several programs to support the next generation including: • two co-sponsored WA Mining Club scholarships, for Geology and Indigenous students, with mentoring and vacation work for these students; • Women in Mining WA mentoring program participation and networking events; • professional associations including AusIMM, AMEC and the WA Mining Club; • tertiary, vocational and school institutions including WA School of Mines, Curtin University, University of  WA, TAFE WA and some primary and secondary schools in our catchment areas; and • partnering with the CoRE Learning Foundation to provide students with meaningful career development. Read more about this partnership on page 80. More than diversity Inclusion and diversity are essential foundations of a high-performing, engaged culture. Our focus on building an inclusive culture is critical to IGO’s ability to retain our talented people. We recognise the impact of diversity on employee engagement, organisational capability, employee wellbeing, performance and the creation of sustainable shareholder value. Improving gender diversity and Aboriginal employment opportunities has been the focus of the IGO leadership team for many years. While it is acknowledged that true diversity goes much further than this, a a fundamental level the IGO approach has been to focus on improving gender balance as a natural starting point on a journey to drive more widespread change. Our Annual Engagement Survey provides us with valuable insight into how our people feel about working for IGO, our achievements and our ability to create a diverse and inclusive culture: • 91% of people surveyed said that IGO has a work environment that is accepting of diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking; • 83% of people surveyed said that IGO shows care and concern for their health and wellbeing; and • 87% of people surveyed said that they feel that IGO values diversity (age, gender, ethnicity, language, education qualifications, ideas and perspectives). Gender balance Achieving a more gender balanced workforce in a year of significant challenge has been a collaborative effort. In FY20 the key highlights included: • the appointment of a new female non-executive director; • awarding 11% of internal promotions to female candidates, along with 20% of manager promotions being awarded to female candidates; • achieving an improved gender diversity of FY20 Vacation students (61% female in FY20, up from 20% in FY19); • achieving a gender balance for our mentoring development program of 38% female; • strong support for our Paid Parental Leave program, with the majority of participants (83%) being male; • broadening the scope of our flexible work arrangements; and • active involvement of several IGO Executive Leadership Team members, including our CEO, in formal mentoring programs for young female professionals in the industry. Despite the many challenges in achieving a year-on-year improvement in female representation across the business, including ongoing COVID-19 impacts, IGO continues to maintain a gender balance that is more equitable than many employers in the mining industry. Our latest Gender Equality Report for FY20, lodged with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, can be found on our website. Comments on the report are welcome by emailing talent@igo.com.au Additional information on IGO’s gender balance and other IGO people data can be found on page 94. 91% 69% 88% 20% 24% 83% AT A GLANCE of our people said IGO has a work environment accepting of diverse backgrounds Our overall employee engagement score (stable from FY19) of our people said they were proud to work for IGO of our manager promotions have been to female candidates Our overall workforce gender diversity (down from 25% in FY19) of our Paid Parental Leave participants are male 42 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020 IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020— 43 RESPONSIBLE OPERATIONS