Our Response to Climate Change AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY We have a role to play supplying the metals required for a low carbon, green energy future, while also considering and managing our own energy use and emissions. RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION We continue to refine our approach towards improving our resource efficiency and driving innovation. We manage ongoing environmental aspects of our activities, including emissions management, to prevent, minimise or remediate our effects on environments and communities. INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE We have an innovative culture that proactively applies new technologies and processes to leverage our business potential. Renewable energy infrastructure, including the solar farm at our Nova Operation, is contributing to decarbonisation and emissions reductions within our business. CLIMATE ACTION We acknowledged the reality of climate change and its potential to have a negative impact on the world, our communities and our business. We can reduce our climate change impact through our operations and supply of metals that are required for a low carbon, green energy future. We have developed a climate change policy that will drive emission reduction activities and ensure the delivery of our Proactively Green strategy. Nova Operation 5.5MW solar farm IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020— 65 64 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020