Employee Wellbeing


IGO is dedicated to improving its safety performance. Safety remains our highest priority, with the key to its achievement being the engagement of management, employees and contractors. Our proactive programmes of safety standard implementation, hazard identification, competency training, continuous review of safe work procedures, competency reassessment and regular workplace inspections play a fundamental role in our safety culture and demonstrate our commitment. Our most fundamental belief is that profits can be made without compromising safety of our people.

Transparency on Safety

Safety statistics are reported externally in IGO’s Quarterly Report.

Employee Assistance Provider (EAP)

In 2013 IGO appointed BSS as our Employee Assistance Provider (EAP). Since 2013, BSS has provided the opportunity for employees to access professional and confidential counseling for a range of personal and work problems. Our EAP is a free, confidential and voluntary service available to all employees, partners and their dependent children.

Healthy Teams

Our Code of Conduct underpins all that we do and provides our employees with a framework to support harmony and cohesion. Our workplaces are committed to the implementation of policies, procedures and training that support our people to work together and provide guidance in a number of areas including Harassment and Discrimination.

IGO also recognizes the right of its employees to voice their grievances and seek a solution to disagreements arising from conflicting workplace relationships, conditions, employment practices and differences in interpretation of policies or procedures. We are committed to accountable, timely and transparent decision making processes and providing fair and impartial dispute resolution procedures.

Our Grievance Resolution Procedure has been implemented to:

  • Ensure there is a consistent approach to the resolution of grievances;
  • Ensure that grievances are resolved promptly, confidentially and objectively;
  • Ensure the views of complainants and respondents are respected and not the target of discrimination or victimisation; and
  • Develop a culture that views workplace disputes as opportunities to improve policies, procedures, and work practices.

Diversity and Inclusion

IGO is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing a work environment that is both diverse and inclusive. We promote and support diversity by ensuring equal employment opportunity, fair and comparable pay and benefits, access to training, development and promotion, and a culture of inclusion for all our employees.

IGO has submitted its 2015 and 2016 Workplace Gender Equality Agency reports. Please click on the links to these reports for full details.