ENGAGING OUR STAKEHOLDERS Our success depends on our ability to listen to our stakeholders and host communities, to build and maintain strong relationships, and to engage with others ethically and honestly. These are essential to our social licence. We consider any person or organisation with an interest in our activities an IGO stakeholder. This includes those who influence our business decisions and those who are potentially affected by our activities. IGO stakeholders • Employees • Traditional Owners and neighbouring communities • Suppliers and contractors • Customers • Governments and regulators • Shareholders, investors and analysts • Our joint venture partners • Non-government organisations • Special interest groups • Civil society • Learning and research partners • Peers and industry associations • Media Principles for engagement Guided by IGO’s Code of Conduct and Common Management System Standard 7 – Communication, Consultation and Participation, we engage ethically, fairly and honestly with all stakeholders. We do this to understand stakeholders’ concerns, manage risks, seek opportunities to create shared value and maintain our social licence. We believe that meaningful and consistent communication, both internal to IGO and external, is key to delivering our purpose and shaping our culture. We have developed five key communication objectives to inform our communication strategy and determine those channels most effective in reaching our stakeholders. These objectives are: Method of engagement IGO’s long-term success depends on our ability to build and maintain relationships with our stakeholders. In accordance with our Community Policy, we have a variety of ways to address and respond to stakeholder grievances. These include: • We have nominated stakeholder relationship ‘owners’ for all our key stakeholders. • We survey our host communities to assess their sentiment of IGO and our activities, including undertaking and investing in social impact assessments. • We maintain regular involvement in community consultative groups. • We hold public meetings with key stakeholder groups. Our grievance reporting process is promoted to our host communities. Any grievances reported that relate to our business or conduct  are recorded and acted upon as considered appropriate. This is in addition to IGO’s Whistleblower Standard which was reviewed in FY20. Areas where we focus our engagement and the frequency of our interaction with stakeholder groups is detailed in the Stakeholder Engagement Table (see page 92 of this report). EDUCATE & PROMOTE Market Facing 1 ENGAGE & DEMONSTRATE Community Facing 2 GARNER SUPPORT Government Facing 3 CONNECT & MOTIVATE Internal Facing 4 LEARNING & SENSING Customer & R&D Facing 5 MATERIAL TOPIC DESCRIPTION AND IGO RESPONSE STAKEHOLDER BOUNDARY PAGE REFERENCE SDG Engaged and inclusive workforce Our people are our greatest asset. Creating a diverse and inclusive culture with a strong sense of purpose maximises the value generated by our work. We aim to establish ourselves as a world-class employer, ensuring business continuity through managing generational knowledge transfer, attracting and retaining new skills, talents and mindsets of a more diverse workforce, building greater organisational agility, offering flexibility, learning and development, and meeting social expectations as a responsible business. Internal Page 42 Economic performance Our shareholders expect that IGO will deliver according to our publicly stated operational guidance in a safe and sustainable manner. Internal, External Page 87 Community and regional development It is important that we deliver shared value and ensure that our contributions make a positive impact to the long-term vibrancy and sustainability of our host communities, landholders, and the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate. We endeavour to provide local and Aboriginal employment pathways, training opportunities and business partnerships, to support personal empowerment and participate in the local economy. Our host communities have been significantly impacted by bushfires and COVID-19 in FY20, and we are committed to supporting their recovery and long-term sustainability. External Page 80 Innovation and technology We will continue to invest in organisational capability, innovation and technology to optimise the implementation of our strategy, and our commitment to being proactively green. We will achieve this by embracing renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint; advanced sensing technology to improve exploration techniques and land disturbance; automation and electrification to drive and create the Proactively Green mines of the future; and innovative concepts, such as the IGO Process TM , to improve recovery of the valuable metals from ore. In addition to this, we maintain an awareness and vigilance in respect to any cyber risks. Internal, External Page 90 Transparency, communication and disclosure We are committed to the disclosure of economic, social, governance and environmental risks, opportunities, and performance. Each year we conduct a formal materiality assessment to help us identify and prioritise the topics of most significance to our business, our stakeholders and our communities. We measure and disclose our performance on a broad range of financial and non-financial metrics through the  IGO Annual Report, IGO Sustainability Report and a range of public ESG surveys in a balanced and transparent way. We also publish an annual Tax Transparency Report, a climate-related financial disclosure (according to TCFD recommendations), Workplace Gender Equality Report, and we have committed to producing a Modern Slavery Statement in FY21. Internal, External Page 38 Tailings storage management Stakeholders are increasingly interested in tailings storage facilities and waste management. We are transparent about our integrity controls and our performance in managing them. Internal, External Page 56 24 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020 IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020— 25 OUR APPROACH TO SUSTAINABILITY