Similarly, the changing sentiment of conscious consumers choosing ‘responsible’ brands and sustainably produced products is driving companies to consider their ethical value chain by ensuring responsible production and having clear oversight of their product end use. At IGO, we are looking beyond compliance, integrating our Proactively Green thinking and sustainability framework into all aspects of our value chain. The challenge for companies such as ours is clear: some mining practices impact on the environment and communities in ways that are increasingly unacceptable to civil society. At IGO, we recognise we must be a sustainable business that operates in a sustainable way. Being Proactively Green requires that we work better. As the world’s population grows and global economic activity increases (notwithstanding the short- to mid-term impacts of COVID-19), so too will the demand for minerals and metals. Recognising the threats posed by climate change, we believe the prospects of a low carbon future will result in substantial increase in the demand for metals required to manufacture clean energy technologies. Proactively Green IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020— 27 26 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020