Chairman & CEOMessage At IGO we work hard to understand and respond to the impacts of our activities. Given this, we know our most significant environmental impacts are associated with the land clearing which is part of our exploration works. Unacceptably, in FY20, an external audit determined that we were not compliant with our obligation to complete the timely and progressive rehabilitation of some areas of cleared land within our Fraser Range Project. Not only are we taking steps to minimise the possibility of a recurrence, we are now well advanced to remediate the affected land. This work will be completed by the end of calendar year 2020. As a result of our commitment to sustainability and voluntary disclosure — disclosure that sees us transparently speak to our strengths and failings — IGO is proud to have been admitted to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Australia during FY20. This recognition of our performance places IGO in the top 30% of companies in the S&P/ASX 200 Index. CARE FOR OUR PEOPLE At the heart of our sustainability strategy — and our business — are our  people. The success of our≈business is a direct reflection of the level of engagement our people have with our purpose and values. We are pleased to report that our 2020 Engagement Survey found our people remain highly engaged and are proud to work for IGO. We have worked closely with our employees to shape the IGO culture — to deliver the type of organisation that people want to be part of. A key component of this journey is an intense focus on the safety and wellbeing of ‘our people’ – a term we use to describe not just our  employees but everyone who presents within IGO workplaces. Despite our ongoing safety efforts we are deeply saddened by the tragic death of one of our contractors’ employees at the Nova Operation last September, and by the irreplaceable loss this has caused his family, friends and workmates. This event affected our people profoundly, and we must do better. We are also disappointed in our overall safety performance, with our Total Reportable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) increasing over the course of the year. In response, we have implemented a comprehensive Safety Improvement Plan using both internal and external expertise focused on our systems of work, workplace hazard reduction and the behaviours known to lead to better safety outcomes. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented changes to the way we live and work. Our people have shown incredible resilience, patience and care in adjusting and adhering to the protective measures we have put in place. They have been innovative and creative in adopting new ways to work together and we continue to implement and foster initiatives that keep our employees and their families safe, healthy and supported. An important aspect of our response was the introduction of a special paid leave provision of 20 days, in addition to standard leave provisions. MAKING A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER We care about our social licence to operate and focus on building and strengthening our relationships with local communities, Traditional Owners and recipients of IGO’s Corporate Giving activities. We made significant contributions to the Norseman and Esperance communities in FY20, supporting their response plans to the bushfires and COVID-19. We are also proud to have made record-high financial donations to key organisations including the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the Earbus Foundation of WA and Madalah. We respect Aboriginal people, culture and their connection to Country. We work in partnership with many different Aboriginal groups to manage the actual and potential impacts of our exploration and mining operations, particularly the Ngadju people who are the native title holders and Traditional Owners of the land on which our Nova Operation is located. We care about their cultural heritage and we are actively involved in its protection. In FY20, we funded the completion of 232,350 hectares of heritage surveys enabling the Traditional Owners to map 570 sites. This not only aids heritage conservation but creates a documented body of knowledge that is of enduring cultural value to the land’s Traditional Owners. As our business grows, it is important that we continue to work with integrity and strengthen our internal controls. Our governance approach, ethical framework and practices adhere to the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and transparency. In FY20, we established our Human Rights Policy and continued work towards meeting our compliance obligations arising from the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 . THANK YOU We believe that our reason for being goes far beyond simply being a mining company. Despite the current global challenges, IGO is in an outstanding position, thanks to our dedicated, creative and hardworking people. We will continue to work to meet our stakeholders’ and society’s expectations, and to do so sustainably. On behalf of the Board and Executive Leadership Team, we extend our thanks to everyone who has contributed to IGO’s pursuit of our purpose. In this, our sixth Sustainability Report, we have sought to further align with the GRI standards and TCFD recommendations, and make improvements as suggested by our stakeholders. We encourage your feedback. Thank you for your ongoing support. PETER BILBE CHAIRMAN PETER BRADFORD MANAGING DIRECTOR & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER In line with our ongoing commitment to transparency, this report outlines our efforts to make IGO a more sustainable enterprise and to address matters that are material to our many stakeholders. This has been a uniquely challenging year — we are in the midst of a global pandemic, we have witnessed devastating bushfires that threatened our operations and the livelihoods of our communities and, tragically, one of our contractors’ employees died as a result of an incident at our Nova Operation. These events have affected our people deeply, and we are proud of the way in which our team has supported each other and shown that in the face of adversity, we live our purpose, steadfastly pursue our strategy, and adhere to our values. On a broader note, we at IGO are proud to be part of the wider Australian mining industry that has demonstrated its ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and, importantly, has proven not only its critical role in supporting the Australian economy but has shown genuine care for the safety and wellbeing of its people during the COVID-19 crisis. We are pleased to have played our part. OUR PURPOSE & STRATEGY At IGO, we remain focused on our strategy to become a globally relevant supplier of metals, which are critical enablers of the rapidly growing energy storage and renewable energy markets as well as the electrification of transport. Despite challenging global events, demand for  high- quality, sustainably produced materials, such as nickel and copper, continues to increase as the world moves towards decarbonisation. IGO is ideally positioned to benefit from this revolution and we are excited to be part of the solution towards Making a Difference. With our record of strong operational and financial performance, IGO is in an ideal position to deliver on our ambitions for growth and our strategy — both through our substantial investment in exploration to unlock the mines of the future and via disciplined mergers and acquisitions. BEING PROACTIVELY GREEN At IGO we are Proactively Green; this is a central part of our strategy. Being Proactively Green requires us to reduce our impacts on the environment and the communities in which we operate through innovative thinking, processes, technology and engagement. Our alignment to the clean energy future is complemented and driven by our commitment to being Proactively Green. In FY20, we progressed this element of our strategy with the commissioning of a 5.5 megawatt (MW) solar farm at the Nova Operation. Since the delivery of first power in November 2019, the solar farm has contributed 10 per cent of our overall FY20 power supply needs and is expected to reduce our emissions by approximately 6,500 tonnes of CO 2 emissions per year. This is equivalent to the emissions from about 450 Australian homes annually. In FY20, we completed a workplan to align our commitment to respond to climate change with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). This included a detailed assessment of climate- related risks and opportunities, scenario analysis to test the resilience of our existing business strategies, and preliminary works necessary for the introduction of an internal carbon price to inform financial planning. FY20 also saw the development of IGO’s Climate Change Policy in which we define our aspiration to be carbon neutral by 2035. It is our pleasure to jointly present IGO’s Sustainability Report for the 2020 financial year. IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020— 3 2 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020 OVERVIEW