OVERVIEW FY20 Snapshot Company-wide employee engagement is strong and stable with positive results across many areas: 69% 1,040t 1% FY19 24% Overall workforce gender diversity of 24% 238% FY19 577ha Progressively rehabilitated 577 hectares of land 26% FY19 $603k Over $603,000 invested in Corporate Giving 11% FY19 $3.7M Production royalty payments from Nova to the Ngadju Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (NNTAC) totalling $3.7M Overall engagement score of 69%, a stable result after achieving 70% in 2019 Recycled 1,040 tonnes of waste and materials, reducing our landfill volume by 30% Aspiring to be carbon neutral by 2035 91% of those surveyed said IGO has a work environment accepting of diverse backgrounds 88% of those surveyed indicated that they are proud to work for IGO 83% of our Paid Parental Leave participants are male 76% FY19 16.9 TRIFR Developed IGO’s Climate Change Policy Establishing an improved safety culture and reducing both actual and potential incidents continued to be a key focus for the Company in FY20 Completed a large-scale environmental impact assessment (EIA) across all our exploration activities within the Fraser Range Project Significant program of work to further align with the TCFD recommendations and improve our climate-related disclosure Completed a successful pilot of a Safescape Bortana BELV (battery electric light vehicle) at our Nova Operation Improved our current mine closure knowledge through the completion of erodibility testing and modelling of the tailings storage facility and waste rock dump at the Nova Operation Total Reportable Injury Frequency Rate 15% decrease in Scope 1 emissions (compared to FY19) 15% 10% Commissioned the Nova Operation Solar Farm, reducing our overall energy consumption by 10% (compared to FY19) 431 hours were volunteered by IGO people in the Company’s inaugural year of our Volunteer Day Program Funded and completed heritage surveys over an area of 232,350 hectares Supported more than 50 organisations and programs over the financial year $57,000 Raised by IGO employees taking part in the Up All Night Walk for Ronald McDonald House Charities 94.9% of our suppliers of goods and services are located locally or within Western Australia 22% FY19 $55.64M Payment of $55.64M in salaries and wages $36.35M Tax, state royalties and other government payments of $36.35M 23% FY19 OUR PEOPLE SAFETY, HEALTH & WELLBEING ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT OUR RESPONSE TO CLIMATE CHANGE MAKING A DIFFERENCE OPTIMISING BUSINESS VALUE With great sadness in September 2019, IGO reported the tragic death of one of our contractors' employees in an accident at the Nova Operation 42 48 52 65 75 85 4 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020 IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020— 5