Our Purpose & Strategy Our purpose – Making a Difference – gives meaning to everything that we do at IGO. It recognises the broader context of our contribution to society and the importance of our role in making a positive contribution to the world by enabling a clean energy future. We believe our reason for being stretches further than simply being a mining company. The specialised minerals that we find and produce have been known and valued for centuries. Over the past several decades they have become increasingly vital to global development through an array of applications in our homes, transport systems, food and water distribution, health services, manufacturing and even space travel. Today, these minerals are also central to the increasing global demand for clean energy solutions. Our purpose is united by a common desire across the Company: Making a Difference for future generations to come. IGO STRATEGY Our strategy is to become a globally relevant producer of materials critical to clean energy. This strategy recognises the opportunity IGO has to leverage its financial strength, highly capable team, diverse asset base and track record of success to become a leader in the discovery, development and operation of metals projects which will play an important role as the world progresses towards decarbonisation. In FY20, our strategy had a particular focus on growth: to deliver mine-life extensions and new discoveries, thereby providing value to our stakeholders. Our organic growth strategy is focused on exploration and discovery to unlock the mines of the future. We are actively pursuing step-change organic growth through our portfolio of belt-scale projects nationally and internationally. Our highly capable in-house team has a wide breadth of experience and expertise firmly aligned with our strategic focus on energy storage and transmission metals. We live our strategy through our actions, endeavouring to be Proactively Green and embracing renewable energy, innovation and technology to reduce our carbon footprint. The commissioning of a 5.5MW photovoltaic solar power generation system at the Nova Operation, our pilot of an underground battery electric light vehicle, and our key participation in industry led research to grow Australia’s competitiveness in the global battery value chain demonstrates the integration of our Proactively Green sustainability framework. We also remain determined to become vertically integrated across the clean energy value chain by aligning ourselves with the supply chains for energy storage and renewable energy markets. During FY20, we continued to develop The IGO Process™, a proprietary and innovative processing technology that efficiently converts nickel sulphide concentrate into nickel sulphate, a key raw material for the clean energy and electric vehicle battery market. We continue to assess partnership and collaboration opportunities to leverage our proprietary technology into the battery precursor and cathode supply chain. At IGO we will continue to produce high-quality products safely, sustainably and reliably to meet our customers’ needs; all delivered by people who are bold, passionate, fearless and fun. We are a smarter, kinder, more innovative mining company. Our strategy is underpinned by eight key imperatives that will drive our success. SAFETY AND WELLBEING We care about the health and wellbeing of our people and recognise that ensuring their safety at all times is the most critical element to our success as a business. OPERATIONS We are in control and committed to delivering on our promises. We continue to strive to optimise and maximise the assets through an enduring commitment to operational excellence. FINANCIAL We recognise that consistent financial performance will be a critical enabler to deliver on our strategy. PEOPLE We value our people and the importance of culture. We are bold, passionate, fearless, and fun – a smarter, kinder, more innovative team. ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE We care about the environment and we are committed to taking action on climate change initiatives. STAKEHOLDERS We demonstrate and deliver our distinctive value proposition to all our stakeholders. BUSINESS SUPPORT AND TECHNOLOGY We have ‘fit-for-purpose’ systems, processes, and technologies, while fostering a culture of continuous improvement. GROWTH We deliver transformational growth through discovery, vertical integration and M&A. VERTICALLY INTEGRATED Vertically integrated to produce battery grade chemicals and cathode precursors. Strategically focused on metals critical to clean energy Delivered by people who are bold, passionate, fearless and fun - a smarter, kinder, more innovative team. GLOBALLY RELEVANT Globally relevant supplier of metals that are critical to energy storage and renewable energy. QUALITY PRODUCTS Quality products desired by end users made safely, ethically, sustainably and reliably. PROACTIVELY GREEN Proactively green using renewables, energy storage and EV mining equipment to reduce carbon footprint. The IGO Strategy Making a Difference We believe in a world where people power makes amazing things happen. Where technology opens up new horizons and clean energy makes the planet a better place for every generation to come. Our people are bold, passionate, fearless and fun – we are a smarter, kinder and more innovative company. Our work is making fundamental changes to the way communities all over the world grow, prosper and stay sustainable. Our teams are finding and producing the specialist metals that will make energy storage mobile, efficient and effective enough to make long-term improvements to the lifestyle of hundreds of millions of people across the globe. How? New battery storage technology is finally unleashing the full potential of renewable energy by allowing power produced from the sun, wind and other sources to be stored and used when and where it’s needed. This technology will impact future generations in ways we cannot yet imagine, improving people’s quality of life and changing the way we live. We believe in a green energy future and by delivering the metals needed for new age batteries, we are making it happen. We are the IGO Difference. 6 — IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020 OVERVIEW IGO SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020— 7