ASX Announcements

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PFS Confirms Potential for Underground Mine at Tropicana
Change in substantial holding for PRX
Becoming a substantial holder for BUX
MOH: Exploration Update for Burracoppin Project
BofAML 2018 APAC Resources Conference Presentation
BUX:Double Magic Exploration Success Secures IGO Partnership
Appendix 3Y
FY18 Tax Transparency Report
Appendix 3Y
Appendix 3B
Results of 2018 Annual General Meeting
2018 Annual General Meeting Presentation
Chairman's Address to Shareholders at 2018 AGM
PRX: Non-renounceable Rights Issue
Form 603 - Becoming a substantial holder for ENR
ENR: ENR & IGO to advance Paterson Copper-Cobalt Exploration
Appendix 3Y
Change in substantial holding
September 2018 Quarter Presentation
September 2018 Quarterly Activities Report
2018 Sustainability Report
PRX: Lake Mackay JV - IGO meet 70% Earn-in Expenditure
September 2018 Quarter Webcast
Australian Nickel Conference Presentation
ZEN:ZEN-IGO sign PPA Amendment for Nova Solar operation
Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
Macquarie Western Australia Forum Presentation
Appendix 3B
Appendix 3Y
Appendix 3B
2018 Corporate Governance Statement and Appendix 4G
FY18 Financial Results Presentation
Dividend/Distribution - IGO
2018 Annual Report
FY18 Financial Results
Appendix 4E
Change in substantial holding for ORN
FY18 Financial Results Presentation Webcast - 29 August 2018
IGO 2018 Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum Presentation
Nova Site Visit Presentation
Tropicana Gold Mine Investor / Analyst Visit Presentation
Appendix 3B
June 2018 Quarter Presentation
June 2018 Quarterly Activities Report
June 2018 Quarter Webcast
2018 Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves Update
Appendix 3Y
Appendix 3B
Appendix 3B
IGO Preliminary Metal Production for FY18
IGO acquires interest in Creasy Southern Hills tenements
Appendix 3Y
Appendix 3B
Appendix 3Y
AMEC Convention 2018 Presentation
Appendix 3B
Jaguar Divestment Completed
Appendix 3Y
IGO to divest Jaguar Operation
Form 603 - Becoming a Substantial Holder for ORN
Appendix 3B
ORN:IGO become Substantial Shareholder through $5M Placement
2018 BofAML Global Metals, Mining & Steel Presentation
JP Morgan Clean Energy Metals Corporate Day Presentation
Macquarie Australia 2018 Conference Presentation
March 2018 Quarter Results Roadshow Presentation
March 2018 Quarter Presentation
Supplement to 3Q18 Report Jaguar - Bentayga Lens Update
March 2018 Quarterly Activities Report
March 2018 Quarter Webcast
Becoming a substantial holder for AMD
AMD: $2.4M Received from IGO and Tranche 2 Equity Raising
Goldman Sachs Battery Day Conference Presentation
Lithium & Battery Metals Conference Presentation
Ceasing to be a substantial holder
Euroz Conference Presentation
Becoming a substantial holder
BMO Global Metals & Mining Conference Presentation
RBC Capital Markets Presentation
RIU Explorers Conference Presentation
December 2017 Half-Year Results Presentation
Dividend/Distribution - IGO
December 2017 Half-Year Financial Report and Appendix 4D
Half Year Results Presentation Webcast
ABU: Lake Mackay JV - Exploration Update
December 2017 Quarter Investor Roadshow Presentation
AMD: JV & Investment by IGO and Placement Raises $5.2M
RTR: Exploration Update at Fraser Range Projects
December 2017 Quarter Presentation
December 2017 Quarterly Activities Report
Change in substantial holding from CBA
December 2017 Quarter Webcast