Environmental Management

At IGO we value responsible environmental management, seek continual improvement of our environmental performance, and aspire to be effective environmental stewards.

We are working to integrate our environmental management system into the Company’s Common Management System; this being our all-of-business management system. IGO will report on progress in our annual Sustainability Report.

Historically, environmental management in the mining industry has been focused on compliance management. At IGO, we diligently seek to operate in accord with the statutory environmental conditions placed on our Operations, and report non-compliance. However, at IGO, we look to go the extra critical step; to proactively monitor and measure our impacts thus enabling us to better manage the land over which we are temporary custodians and to ensure that we remain transparent in our actions and impacts.

We believe that effective environmental management arises from effective risk management strategies based on valid data and sound science. We continue work to improve the integrity of our data and to better understand our impacts. As is relevant to the locations of our mining and exploration activities, we seek to contribute to the local-scale conservation of biodiversity and integrated approaches to land use planning.

IGO seeks to implement effective and transparent engagement and communication with our stakeholders about our actual and potential environmental impacts.  We communicate with our stakeholders both directly and indirectly by providing summary information in our annual Sustainability Report.

Refer to the IGO Exploration EPBC Compliance Report 2016 – Salt Creek JV

IGO Exploration EPBC Compliance Report 2015 – Tropicana JV

IGO Exploration Operations Mining Management Plan – Lake Mackay Project 2017